Team Secret Falters in VCT Pacific Kick-off, Eyes Redemption in Shanghai Masters

Team Secret Falters in VCT Pacific Kick-off, Eyes Redemption in Shanghai Masters

In a gripping showdown at the VCT Pacific kick-off, Team Secret faced formidable opponents, experiencing both the highs and lows of competitive Valorant. The Pinoy team showed resilience, bouncing back from a tough loss against Gen.G with a decisive victory over Zeta Division.

Despite a valiant effort, Team Secret fell short against Gen.G, managing to secure just one round win in overtime before their opponents seized control, clinching the series with three consecutive rounds. The loss served as a learning experience for the team, highlighting areas for improvement as they continue to hone their skills and strategies in the competitive scene.


Undeterred by the setback, Team Secret delivered a stellar performance in their match against Zeta Division, exacting revenge for their defeat in the previous year’s world championship. With a flawless 2-0 victory, Team Secret showcased their tactical prowess and teamwork, dismantling their Japanese opponents with precision and finesse.

However, despite their triumph over Zeta Division, fate was not on Team Secret’s side as ZETA faced a similar fate against Gen.G, ultimately determining the outcome of the next round. Despite the disappointment, Team Secret remains determined to push forward and secure a coveted spot in the upcoming Valorant Masters.

Having emerged victorious in the Predator League earlier this year, Team Secret entered the VCT Pacific kick-off with momentum on their side, eager to make their mark on the international stage. While their journey in the kick-off event may have ended sooner than anticipated, Team Secret remains undeterred in their pursuit of excellence.

Looking ahead, Valorant Masters in Madrid presents another opportunity for redemption, with the tournament scheduled to take place from March 14 to 24 at the Madrid Arena in Spain. Team Secret aims to regroup, refine their strategies, and showcase their talent on the global stage as they vie for a prestigious Masters slot.