Onyok Getigan Leads Strong Group Athletics into PVL Debut with Youthful Squad

Onyok Getigan Leads Strong Group Athletics into PVL Debut with Youthful Squad

Veteran coach Onyok Getigan is set to embark on a new challenge as he takes the reins of Premier Volleyball League (PVL) debutant Strong Group Athletics (SGA). Tasked with guiding a team of ‘first-timers,’ Getigan brings a wealth of experience and expertise to the table, aiming to mold a promising squad for their inaugural season in the league.

While details about the composition of the SGA team remain scarce, team managers CK Canapi-Daniolco and assistant Kiara Cruz provided some insights into the roster’s makeup ahead of the league’s deadline for roster submissions. Emphasizing the youthfulness of the team, Canapi-Daniolco urged caution in setting expectations, acknowledging that many of the players are making their debut in the league.

“Basically, we have selected already our players. As much as possible, let’s not really have high expectations yet because these players that we got are basically first-timers in the league. Hopefully along the way, we’ll live up to our name as Strong Group,” Canapi-Daniolco stated.

Cruz further shed light on the team’s composition, revealing that the players hail from various collegiate programs in the UAAP and NCAA, as well as former professional players seeking a return to the sport. At the helm of this young and promising team is Coach Onyok Getigan, renowned for his contributions to Philippine volleyball, particularly in the development of young talent.

Getigan’s stellar track record includes three Palarong Pambansa gold medals before transitioning to coaching, where he made his mark with the Adamson Baby Falcons in UAAP girls’ volleyball. Now, he brings his expertise to SGA, aiming to nurture and develop a roster of budding volleyball stars.

Under the guidance of SGA founder and owner Frank Lao, the team looks to establish a brand-new identity while providing opportunities for young players to shine on the volleyball court. Cruz emphasized the importance of creating an ‘expectations-free’ environment, allowing the team to grow and develop without the pressure of external scrutiny.

“As a very new team, of course, boss Frank (Lao) really just wants to give an opportunity for these kids to play. We don’t want any expectations from them because they’re a very, very young team. Very young team like Farm Fresh, this is a very young team indeed. They may not have recognizable names yet, but we just want them to have the opportunity to play,” Cruz explained.