UAAP Suspends University of the East Women's Volleyball Head Coach Jerry Yee for Season 86

UAAP Suspends University of the East Women’s Volleyball Head Coach Jerry Yee for Season 86

The UAAP made headlines on Sunday with the announcement of the temporary suspension of University of the East women’s volleyball head coach Jerry Yee for the remainder of the Season 86 women’s volleyball tournament. This decision came in response to a complaint from a member school, alleging Yee’s conduct violated the principles of the UAAP as a platform for fostering camaraderie and fair play among member universities.

The UAAP Board of Managing Directors (BMD) meticulously reviewed the complaint before escalating the matter to the Board of Trustees (BOT). Following deliberations, the BOT concurred with the findings of the BMD, determining that Coach Yee’s actions were inconsistent with the league’s objectives.

In a statement released by the UAAP, it was clarified that despite the suspension, Yee retains the ability to conduct training sessions with the Lady Red Warriors and participate as a coach in non-UAAP events. This decision aims to ensure that the athletes under his guidance are not unduly affected by the suspension.

Responding to the suspension, Coach Yee maintained his stance, asserting that his acceptance of the UE head coaching position was not ethically questionable, as it followed a mutual decision between himself and his former team, Adamson. Expressing disappointment with the UAAP board’s decision, Yee emphasized his dedication to coaching and mentoring the UE Lady Warriors, lamenting the impact of the suspension on his ability to provide for his family.

Yee’s statement reflected his frustration with the perceived consequences of the suspension, which he believes extend beyond the realm of collegiate athletics, affecting his livelihood and familial responsibilities. Despite the setback, Yee remains committed to serving the UE community and supporting his athletes to the best of his abilities within the constraints of the suspension.