Senate Committee Pushes for Law Against Game-Fixing Amidst Sports Integrity Concerns

Senate Committee Pushes for Law Against Game-Fixing Amidst Sports Integrity Concerns

In response to recent reports of game-fixing scandals plaguing Philippine sports, the Senate Committee on Sports convened on Wednesday to discuss proposed legislation aimed at combating corruption and promoting professionalism in athletics. The committee deliberated on several bills, including Senate Bills No. 40, 1560, 1641, 1855, 2100, and House Bill No. 4513, which has already garnered approval from the House of Representatives in November 2022.

The urgency of addressing game-fixing was highlighted following revelations from the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League, which flagged 47 players and team officials suspected of involvement in such activities. Senator Bong Go, chairman of the Senate Committee on Sports, emphasized the importance of upholding the integrity and sanctity of sports, condemning dishonest and corrupt practices like game-fixing.


“Game-fixing taints the spirit of Filipino sportsmanship. Those who are taking advantage of the passionate Filipinos in sports should be punished,” Senator Go asserted, underscoring the detrimental impact on both fans and athletes.

The proposed legislation seeks to enact stiffer penalties against individuals engaged in game-fixing while also providing safeguards to encourage witnesses to come forward without fear of reprisal. Senator Jinggoy Estrada, who proposed Senate Bill No. 1641, echoed the sentiment, decrying the erosion of fair play and excitement in sports due to nefarious activities.

“Game-fixing sucks up all the thrill, the fun, and excitement from legitimate matches,” Senator Estrada lamented, highlighting the broader implications of such corruption, including its potential link to criminal activities.

The gravity of the issue was further underscored by data from the Games and Amusements Board, revealing that 31 players have faced suspensions for game-fixing since 2021. Additionally, a report from sports integrity firm Sport Radar identified 37 suspicious matches in the Philippines in 2022, underscoring the need for decisive action to safeguard the integrity of sports in the country.