Sen. Jinggoy Estrada Reveals Identities of 47 Individuals Banned by MPBL for Alleged Game-Fixing

Sen. Jinggoy Estrada Reveals Identities of 47 Individuals Banned by MPBL for Alleged Game-Fixing

Senator Jinggoy Estrada made headlines on Wednesday as he disclosed the identities of 47 players and officials banned by the Maharlika Pilipinas Basketball League (MPBL) for their alleged involvement in game-fixing.

During a joint Senate hearing conducted by the Sports, and Games and Amusement committees, Estrada publicly revealed the list after the MPBL initially refused to disclose the identities of the individuals. Estrada emphasized that the public deserved to know the identities of the banned individuals, especially considering the increasing popularity of the regional league. He further stated that he obtained permission from a high-ranking league official to make the list public.

Interestingly, Estrada also serves as the team owner of the San Juan Knights in the MPBL, adding a layer of significance to his involvement in the matter.

The list unveiled by Estrada includes former PBA players, former PBA draftees, and individuals who have competed in collegiate leagues such as the UAAP and NCAA. Additionally, active coaches and team officials were among those banned indefinitely, as per an MPBL official.


Although league officials did not disclose the methodology behind compiling the list, the names read by Estrada during the hearing shed light on the individuals allegedly involved in the scandal. Some of the notable names mentioned include Harold Arboleda, Mac Montilla, Justin Matthew Alano, John Yambot Cantimbuhan Jr., Ryusei Koga, Christopher Menguez, Andretti Stevens, Ross Alvarez (team manager), and Monel Kallos (coach) of Bacolod. Others implicated in the scandal include Denzel Wong, Arvin Jay Vitug, Brian Ilad, Redel Fabro, Alfren Gayosa, Ronald Roy, Ralph Jeffrey Deles, Michael De Leon, Jethro Malamug, Kurt Rodriguez, Big Mac Sevilla, Kyle Philip Domagtoy, and Jasper Boac of Bicol.