San Miguel Coach Jorge Gallent Shows Sportsmanship Amidst Calvin Abueva's Antics

San Miguel Coach Jorge Gallent Shows Sportsmanship Amidst Calvin Abueva’s Antics

In a display of true sportsmanship, San Miguel coach Jorge Gallent remained composed and handled Calvin Abueva’s antics with grace during Game 2 of the PBA Commissioner’s Cup finals, even as the incident veered into personal territory.


The exchange occurred early in the fourth quarter when Abueva, of the Magnolia team, ran past Gallent on the sideline of the San Miguel bench. This prompted the referees to call a technical foul on both Abueva and Gallent for their verbal altercation.

Gallent, who has a physical disability after losing his right eye in a motorcycle accident in 1988, revealed that Abueva made derogatory remarks about his impairment during the heated exchange.

“Na bulag daw ako,” Gallent disclosed, referring to Abueva’s comment about his visual impairment.

Despite the personal nature of Abueva’s remarks, Gallent handled the situation with poise, choosing not to escalate the confrontation further. Abueva, who never returned to the game after the incident, faced repercussions for his actions, receiving a technical foul and eventually finishing the game with three points, seven rebounds, and two assists.