Riot Games Unveils New Fighting Game: 2XKO

Riot Games Unveils New Fighting Game: 2XKO

Riot Games, the renowned developer behind the massively popular League of Legends, has officially announced its foray into the world of fighting games with the upcoming release of 2XKO. Formerly known as “Project L” during its early development stages, 2XKO is set in the modernized world of Runeterra, drawing inspiration from the rich lore of League of Legends.

The game offers classic 1v1 gameplay along with the option for duo-play or tag team battles, allowing players to team up and unleash devastating combos against their opponents. In a recently released trailer, iconic League of Legends characters such as Ahri, Ekko, Darius, Illaoi, and Yasuo are showcased engaging in intense close combat, each demonstrating their unique abilities and playstyles. The art style, reminiscent of a graphic novel, lends a modern and visually striking aesthetic to the game.

Development for 2XKO is ongoing throughout 2024, with Riot Games actively engaging with the fighting game community through demos held around the world. Additionally, the company has announced plans for at-home playtesting to provide players with the opportunity to experience the game firsthand before its official release.

“We’re entering a new phase of development,” said Tom Cannon, executive producer of 2XKO. “Our dev team has grown significantly, and we’re excited to start sharing more about the game with our fans. We’re committed to building an always-evolving fighting game for the FGC, and there’s plenty to be excited about.”

While anticipation for 2XKO has been high among fans, some have expressed disappointment with the game’s name, particularly regarding its pronunciation. Riot Games clarified via the official game account that the name should be pronounced as it is spelled, addressing concerns raised by the community.