President Marcos Jr. likens para athletes to Mabini

President Marcos Jr. likens para athletes to Mabini

MANILA, Philippines — Cheerleader-in-chief.

This is the way President Marcos declared himself when the president personally congratulated and presented the awards in the amount of P13 million for the Filipino medallists at the 4th Asian Para Games in Hangzhou, China yesterday during simple rituals in Malacanang.

“I’m present today (yesterday) to meet with you, not only as your president and as a supporter when it comes to assisting athletes. I’m the cheerleader-in-chief, self-appointed,” said the Chief Executive, who was accompanied by Philippine Paralympic Committee president Mike Barredo and Philippine Sports Commission chair Richard Bachmann.

“It is right that we’re honoring the para athletes of our country today in Heroes’ Hall for this is the best way to describe the person you are and what you are,” he added.

The Commander-in-Chief compared the national para athletes who racked up the nation’s highest result at the quadrennial championships after they placed ninth overall, with an impressive total of 10 gold medals, five silver awards last October. They are no lower then Apolinario Mabini, the national hero who became incapacitated due to the polio virus.

“Mabini, who lost the ability to walk, utilized his brain to motivate the people to unite and fight to achieve the freedom that we so deserved. Ganun dahi po kayo, you didn’t allow your handicap to stop you from pursuing what you desire, and helped for your goals,” he said.