NCAA to Reinstate Pre-Pandemic Policy on Student-Athletes' Participation in Pro Leagues

NCAA to Reinstate Pre-Pandemic Policy on Student-Athletes’ Participation in Pro Leagues

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) is reverting to its pre-pandemic regulations, which include disallowing student-athletes from competing in professional leagues by using the Games and Amusements Board’s ‘special guest license’ (SGL).

Introduced in 2020, the SGL allowed student-athletes to maintain their amateur status while participating in professional leagues, provided they sought permission from the appropriate authorities. Notable players like Arellano University’s Shane Menina and Colegio de San Juan de Letran’s Kurt Reyson took advantage of this rule.

According to NCAA Management Committee member Peter Cayco, the decision to discontinue the use of SGL is part of the league’s plan to reinstate pre-pandemic policies by June or by the start of Season 100.

“This is not a new regulation. It was in effect before the pandemic,” Cayco explained during the Arellano Chiefs’ visit to GMA Network. “During the pandemic, we recognized the need for student-athletes to enhance their skills. We collaborated with GAB to introduce the SGL, allowing them to compete in professional leagues without jeopardizing their amateur status.”

As sports gradually returns to normalcy, the NCAA aims to lift pandemic-related regulations. Along with the SGL rule, the league will also revert the passing rate requirement for student-athletes back to 60%.