Jonas Sultan Suffers First-Round Knockout Defeat Against Riku Masuda

Jonas Sultan Suffers First-Round Knockout Defeat Against Riku Masuda

In a surprising turn of events, Filipino boxer Jonas Sultan faced a devastating first-round knockout loss against Japanese opponent Riku Masuda in their non-title bantamweight bout at the Kokugikan Arena.

The match began with Sultan attempting to engage Masuda in the opening exchanges. However, Sultan’s strategy backfired when he was caught off guard by a powerful left straight to the ribcage delivered by Masuda. The crushing blow left Sultan in excruciating pain, forcing him to kneel on the canvas as the referee administered the count. With just 50 seconds remaining in the first round, the referee called off the fight, declaring Masuda the winner by knockout.


The Japanese crowd erupted in applause as Masuda, displaying his youth and strength, secured his victory and improved his professional record to 4-1. Meanwhile, Sultan, a seasoned fighter who has competed in various international arenas including London, New York, and Liverpool, suffered his first knockout defeat, dropping his record to 19-7.

Sultan’s preparation for the fight may have been compromised by his recent travels. Arriving in Japan from the United States just two nights before the bout, Sultan likely experienced jet lag, which may have affected his performance in the ring.

Reflecting on his victory, Masuda expressed satisfaction with his performance, particularly highlighting the effectiveness of his left body punch. With his impressive win, Masuda is now being considered as a potential contender for a world title in the bantamweight division.

As Sultan made his way to the dressing room, he was left contemplating his future in the sport. The defeat marks Sultan’s second loss in his last three fights, leaving him uncertain about what lies ahead.