Jarred Brooks Disqualified, Joshua Pacio Regains ONE Strawweight World Title

Jarred Brooks Disqualified, Joshua Pacio Regains ONE Strawweight World Title

In a shocking turn of events at ONE 166, Jarred Brooks lost the ONE strawweight world title by disqualification after executing an illegal move against Joshua Pacio in the opening round of their highly anticipated bout at Lusail Arena in Qatar.

The fight barely commenced when, just over a minute into the first round and without a significant strike landed, Brooks lifted Pacio from behind and slammed him onto his head in a move deemed illegal by the referee. Despite Brooks’s celebration, it became evident that his actions had crossed the line of fair competition.

With Pacio rendered unable to continue, the referee swiftly intervened, halting the contest at the 56-second mark of the opening round and awarding Pacio the victory and the ONE world title via Brooks’s disqualification.

The disqualification marked a disappointing end to what promised to be an intense and closely contested matchup between two highly skilled athletes. Pacio, who had been preparing diligently for the bout, now finds himself once again in possession of the coveted ONE strawweight world title, albeit under unusual circumstances.

While the immediate concern was Pacio’s well-being, ONE Championship provided reassurance that he remained conscious following the incident. However, as a precautionary measure, Pacio was promptly transported to the hospital for further evaluation and medical attention.

The unfortunate conclusion to the bout serves as a reminder of the inherent risks associated with combat sports and the importance of adhering to rules and regulations designed to ensure the safety of all competitors. As both fighters await further developments and assessments, the focus shifts to Pacio’s recovery and the potential implications for future matches in the ONE Championship.