Controversy Surrounds Jonnel Policarpio's Academic Credentials

Controversy Surrounds Jonnel Policarpio’s Academic Credentials

In a surprising turn of events, Jonnel Policarpio, a prominent figure in NCAA Season 94’s championship-winning Mapua High School team, finds himself embroiled in controversy over the validity of his academic records.

Accusations have surfaced suggesting that Policarpio’s academic documents leading up to NCAA Season 94 may have been falsified, potentially rendering him ineligible to play for Mapua High School during their triumphant campaign.

Mapua High School’s Red Robins clinched the championship in Season 94 after a memorable showdown against La Salle Green Hills. However, recent revelations have cast doubt on the integrity of Policarpio’s academic history.

Documents obtained by Tiebreaker Times indicate that Policarpio completed his Grade 10 studies at Kid’z Study Hall Learning Center. However, this learning center had ceased operations during the 2017-18 school year, raising questions about the authenticity of Policarpio’s academic credentials.

The controversy deepened as Policarpio continued to play for Mapua as a Grade 11 student, contributing significantly to the Red Robins’ success on the court.

The discrepancy in Policarpio’s academic records came to light in 2020 when he committed to De La Salle University. Incomplete documents raised concerns, prompting La Salle to await Policarpio’s completion of his high school studies at Sto. Tomas National High School before allowing him to compete in UAAP Season 86 (2023-24).

Further complicating matters, it was revealed that as early as 2020, La Salle Green Hills had raised concerns about Policarpio’s eligibility, urging the NCAA to investigate the situation.

Former players from La Salle Green Hills have also joined the call for a definitive resolution. JD Cagulangan, now with UP, expressed concern about an injury sustained during the season allegedly caused by a foul committed by Policarpio, questioning the fairness of the situation.

Inand Fornillos, now a professional player with Converge, echoed similar sentiments, emphasizing the importance of fairness and justice in resolving the matter.